Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dear Mom....

Today I created this website to show you pictures from our day(s). It's for DAD too! And, Rez. Also, because I bought this cook book and found a website that cooks every thing in the book. I wanted to participate so here we are.... I've been looking at this book for months. Then i saw at it on the Discount Table at the bookstore and KNEW it had to be mine...

Tuesday's with Dorie is the site I am participating in..... click HERE!

First up is Blueberry Pie. We'll be having it this weekend for the 4th and I'll post the results - good or bad - Tuesday! Expect Red, White and BLUEBERRIES.

On another note, the "lamp" made it perfect! Look at the boxes it came in, that is the fridge behind them for scale! Both are full of packing peanuts and packing stuff!!

It's more beautiful than I remember! We are having an electrician come in August to hang it and do a a few other things (move ceiling fan from kitchen to bedroom, install dimmer in living room, remove the ugly pineapple light fixture thing from the living room).

Lv u.


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