Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cookies? cookies.

Today's TWD recipe was Chocolate Chunker. Seriously, I need break from the chocolate but we did like these cookies (?). Claudia at Fool For Food picked the recipe go HERE to see it, brush up your German and see her creations. Really, a good pick.
I made rather large cookies and I agree with Dorie's recommendation that they would be great in or on ice cream! They were more like a fudge. I did replace all the semi-sweet, unsweetened and bittersweet chocolate with Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate chunks. I used golden raisins. I wonder if the milk chocolate messed with the consistency a little.....but since there is only 1/4 c of flour, are these really cookies?

Yes, they are cookies. Not a great picture of the finished product - we had to eat them with a fork. I had one, this pic is of three on a plate......a pile of goodness for the Hubby. The one I had was good but not good for my "I'm Going to Mexico in 6 months Diet". And, again, enough chocolate. The milk chocolate helped a lot, I liked it enough to eat it. I would make them again but make sure I had some tasty vanilla bean ice cream to go with them....I loved the raisins in them. They actually tasted and felt like marshmallow in the cookies....

Overall an ooey gooey success.



  1. Yeah, the consistency was very gooey for me as well. Almost a fork dessert, but luckily it squeaked in as an eat-out-of-hand snack :)

  2. Mmmmm...they look sinfully good! Good luck with your diet for Mexico.

  3. Definitely should be served with ice cream!

  4. Ooey Gooey is right! These cookies are almost more like candy, all chocolate & nuts & fruit held together by a little batter.

    Enjoy your trip to Mexico!

  5. I was sure surprised when I saw there was so little flour in them. A brownie in cookie form... and I agree, not good for dieting.


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