Sunday, November 16, 2008

Holiday a.r.t.

I love this time of's more fun in our first home and planning for the holiday season. The Christmas decor will be going up before Thanksgiving.

I took a class a few weeks ago with Tim Holtz.
He designs fabulous art and craft supplies. We made this blue canvas with his supplies and a holiday theme. I LOVE his addition of feathers to the canvas. It started as a white canvas and with his techniques, including fake snow pictured above, it developed into a wonderful 12x12 Holiday GLORY scene...

We selected our own words. GLORY. It is a beautiful word. The numbers 2 and 5 were silver leafed - that was FUN! I had never done it and was impressed by how easy and MESSY it was!! MESSY! I am desperate to find more projects to do this with - it's expensive but I'm worth it.

After I got home (nearly 11pm), I was really inspired to be the next day....

I started another canvas using left over supplies from the class and things on hand. OF COURSE I have feathers on-hand! You never know....
They are actually left over from making Chicken Hats for our sales meeting 1 year ago..have you seen those? I'll have to dig up pictures and show you... I knew I'd use the left over feathers glad I had them. Both sets of feathers are slighted dyed a color - just rub them against an ink pad.

I love the dimension and multi-media of these canvas art pieces. It was FUN. Seriously, I had that beaded fringe on hand too - NO IDEA where or when that go added to the Craft Cave (that's what hubby calls my crafting/working out room - the elliptical is in that room too...)

This is the SANTA canvas. I plan to do one more in green with additional supplies on hand and MORE feathers! You know, decorate in odd numbers... Look at the CUTE bells hanging of it too..

This is my craft for the annual Girls Holiday Craft Off. It too is inspired by a Tim Holtz piece shown here.
I love that lighted box he did too - shown on that page - I started a project similar to that this weekend. It has morphed into something completely different but that is the inspiration. Once it's finished, I'll get you pics.
This mirror was a plain pine mirror from Ikea. It was like $2.99. I used papers and supplies on- hand to collage it into this holiday display. Mine does not have the perfect 3D like Tim's but it is a bit more busy which I know the recipient will like. I add some BLING and SPARKLE too..and a bell. I tried feathers too...I removed them, I like this better.

I need one of these for home too -it too is started, it won't be this busy but will have a similar scene. I'll post it next weekend when it gets finished. No crafting today. Since I fired the housekeeper, I actually need to clean myself. :( Oh well, such is life...

And, once this house is clean, the Christmas tree is going up! WOOT WOOT.

Love you, Miss you.


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  1. How very pretty!!! Everyone of them is so neat. I really like the mirror. lvmemom


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