Sunday, December 7, 2008

home for the holidays

Our home has been Christmas ready for several weeks. I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting out all my ornaments and hanging them. Most are from you and I love to look at them - and, think of your white & pink Christmas tree.

Here is our tree......

I am very happy I bought an artificial tree. I look forward to having this for years and years. Instead of cutting down trees - we are going to plant a tree every year in our back yard. I am very excited about that! It's one of our steps to be more "green".

The table with my Jack-O-Ornament collection, my Red Wing Batter bowl, the Lighted Box I created this year and other Holiday Treats.

My Mouse and the Reindeer ......Bradyn made him. He is so cute.

Here is our "other" tree.
The Pencil Cactus which needs a trim....but instead got trimmed for the holidays.

Snowflake, white and silver..
and red fuzzy birds....

He is large and we love him.

Finally - this is what I did TODAY. Two cedar dogs beds for the living room. They are washable - I put the cedar chips in a pillow case, sewed it shut then snapped them inside. The bumpers are the poly fill from 3 cheap pillows that have been laying around here.

I had all the materials - including snaps - on hand. It took 4 hours but they are done, look nice and I didn't have to spend too much $$$ for a dog bed. Besides, I couldn't find a cedar one like this so...I made them.
Someone else, who is NOT a dog, thinks they belong to him. He is in attack position so I don't throw him off of it. I'll wait for the other fuzzy animals to do that...
Love you.

And a quick note to Rez ...the One-Eye Cat misses you.


  1. How absolutely wonderful. I just love every bit of it. You are so so totally amazing and wonderful. I just love the dog beds. Did you have a pattern, or build them on you own? We need to take out the center section to make a giant for the giant boxer. Tell grandcat skeet he is great too, but Rez would be guarenteed to chase him, he best not meet Rez under the Christmas tree! (Remember) We need to get you a Charlie Brown tree just for the Jack-Os. Not sure how long they will continue the series, but I will go to the very end and then find something new. Love you

  2. Oh yes, you need an elf in the pencil cactus. Let's see if you remember why you need and elf?

  3. Kathleen, thanks for all the love you've shown my blog today! It led me to your blog and I've been looking around at all your things. The dog beds here are wonderful! I had to chuckle seeing your cat on the beds; that's what my cat does too!

  4. I have a pencil cactus and I didn't even know it!!
    your decorations are so pretty.

  5. Love the pencil Christmas tree....


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