Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Caramel Crunch mmmm-yummm Bars

I know, I know.. I said we are cutting back on Sugar! We are. We only have Dorie's recipe one a week and we LOVED this week's! Caramel Crunch bars with coffee in the butter good. Loved them... not a speck of Carmel in the recipe..Did I miss something? Doesn't matter..loved them.

I'll let the yummy pictures speak.

Recipe at: What's Left on the Table? blog by Whitney.

Buttery goodness crust...

The basics, I loved these even with Chocolate...loved the Cinnamon in the bars!

PreBake - thick crust.
Bubbling ....

With Chocolate melted on top...our local grocery store didn't have toffee bits ( I know!! super weird, living in the middle of hickville, I guess) I used a large chocolate bar with toffee bits and almonds. Added slivered almonds to the top to ensure we had some crunch.

No pictures of the finished, cut bars but imagine them with some good vanilla ice cream and you get the point...

Love you Momma!


  1. Mine were delicious but very crisp. I ended up using a dark chocolate on the top and they still were all gobbled up. If I had used milk chocolate I don't think they would have lasted until the next day! Glad you liked these!

  2. hey skeeter, do you get cookies too, rez


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