Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mango Mango Mango..

Spent Sunday afternoon baking for TWD this week, mowing my dandelions (aka the lawn) and just enjoying things...

I really love my kitchen. The site of wine, melons and baking ingredients.

This week's TWD recipe is Fresh Mango Bread. Yaaaa-Yum.

LOOK at those lovely pieces of fresh mango!!!

Love the flavors - cinnamon, ginger.... it was warm and delicious.

Love you mum.


  1. Wow! Love all the bits of mango - I don't think I put nearly enough mango in mine (ok, I KNOW I didn't - still turned out great though!)

  2. i remember mangos in Hawaii, not had them since. i guess i need to learn to have them. is this kinda sorta like rubarb bread?.........i love avacados now, learn that in cali. quess what i may have avacado seed starting, it is changing daily, maybe going to root. lc and crew

  3. It was yummy, wasn't it? Yours looks great!

  4. Your mango bread looks beautiful with all of those pretty mango chunks!


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