Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's beginning to look a LITTLE like Christmas.....

My new RedWing Christmas Lamp....I love it. It will always sit there or somewhere visible...
My new Christmas Red Wing Pottery. LOVELY.

My first Amarylis bulb...I've had a just a week and it's doing well....

A little craft I made....I'll post more details pics of it's very sweet..

My cake plate. :) Thanks for giving it to me! It's bound for some Christmas treats tomorrow!

Our new mantle!!!! Doesn't it look nice! Hubby hung it up just a few days after we got back. The reindeer Bradyn made me a few years ago. They are very sweet too.

The manger, that I didn't find the pieces for, next to some cute. And, my Dear Santa letter. The glass pieces were intended to be filled with Christmas ornaments or year. They will get relocated to the kitchen for the rest of the year. The Angel and the Tree (from you! thanks!) will stay out all year too. Holidng up the santa letter frame is a jar from Grandma's filled with some of the costume jewelry. And my new elf ornament you sent me sits next to it .....lots of love on that shelf!

A few snowflakes.....and sun outside..

The 07-07-07 are NEW. They are old marquee letters. This isn't their permanent home, they will make to the bedroom or hallway soon.

Close-up ....very rustic!

Mr and Mrs Santa hang in the guest bath.

The vase you bought me a few years ago - it sits out all year but it always reminds me of gingerbread....

My vase and the pot holder Mrs Pool made me.

My "Mrs Pool", our house keeper, left me a little poinsetta. I bought the new knitting needles with a gift card my work girls gave me for Xmas. Very excited to curl up tomorrow to watch movies and knit.

The raw hide bones....Alan bought them each one. One got eaten so we had to divide the 2nd so they didn't fight over the one that didn't get eaten. Tug prefers to cuddle with this and tease Turbo with it.

A secret santa gift....a prety butterfly suncatcher. I need a suction cup for my window....

and finally.....Santa showed up for all of us. If you look, behind the jar of cat treats, there is a little box from the Jewelry store....stayed tuned for Christmas day...I can't wait to open it!!!

Love you momma and dadda....and Rez....and BOOT.

Merry Christmas

Scott, Kath, Tug, Turbo,Skeeter and...>Rudy and Lucy. They are here too. We are all having Christmas together.

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  1. The lamp is so great. Love everything. The mantel is wonderful. lvmemom


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