Friday, November 26, 2010

A story about my first Thanksgiving...

It all started when Mom and I got up in the morning. She bought me a fancy new outfit to wear just for today! It is purple and says "My 1st Turkey Day". It has pictures of a pumpkin and turkey too. I even got to wear matching purple socks that Gamma Pam gave me when I was born!

Mom said I had to pose for pictures so we can send them to my Gramma Linda, Papa Dick and Gamma Pam. I LOVED posing and smiled really big - can you see my dimples???

Then, my puppies got jealous! They tried to get in all the pictures. I look scared in some of the pictures but I'm not - I love Tug and Turbo!

My Dad has been sewing lots of fun stuff for me! I got to try out my new waterproof cover for the car seat. It's like a sleeping bag! It's lined with fleece and kept me really warm.

I have a tongue! I thought it was silly to have my picture taken in the car seat. And, Mom was making faces at me.

Mom spent the morning crafting while I took a nap. She made a banner that hangs on the door. It spells "THANKFUL". The letters are actually gold paper and really pretty. I like to look at things that sparkle and shine!

Mom and Dad then each wrote down things they are thankful for on the cut out leaves on the door. They are both very thankful for ME!!

Mom says we'll do this every year and it's part of our family tradition. I think she'll keep the leaves from this year, hang them up next year and keep adding to them. I can't wait to write my own! I'm thankful for milk and socks this year!

And sometimes, it's important to remember we are thankful for the little things too. Dad wrote this one, he thinks you'll understand....

After I got up from my morning nap, Dad gave me a bottle and then he cleaned the floors. I think Thursday might be "floor"day. How is your new vacuum? Dad says to remember their is a filter underneath the canister on top of the motor. It's a foam filter and pulls out. It's washable. Don't forget! You may not know it's there!!

After a bottle, I like to sit in my swing and watch the world go by. But DO NOT start the swing. I just like to sit still! I watched Dad clean the floors. Turbo ALWAYS has to be in the pictures too!

He's always in the pictures or sitting at Mom's feet waiting to have his picture taken!!

Tug is always around too. Unless I cry, then Tug runs and hides in his kennel. He's still getting used to me. He's scared that I'm getting a puppy for Christmas.......he can't handle any more "babies" at his age.

Then it was time to cook. I sat in the kitchen and watched Mom. I was far away from the stove - but, it was off anyway. I came in when the stove was off and she was cleaning up. I was getting really tired so I took my afternoon nap.

Mom and Dad had TACOs for Thanksgiving lunch! There's beans, red rice, and homemade guacamole too! They said it was really good. And, really easy so there wasn't a lot of work. They think this might be a our new Thanksgiving tradition too. A Taco Bar! Dad thinks someday I'll whine that "everyone else has turkey..."

I got up and had my Thanksgiving bottle..........................................

(do you see Turbo in the picture?)
It was good.
I took another nap.

Love you!
Olivia Lou


  1. Spencer said, "look at that cutie!"

  2. Sounds like Livi had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was a little less exciting. Colorado Love and Kisses,Jen


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