Saturday, August 2, 2008

Black and White Bananananananannaana Loaf

Mom - how many 'nanana' are in that word???

Here is my B&W Loaf for the last TWD Challenge....not a lot of drama. It was pretty simple. However, the recipe called for A LOT of dirty dishes. As I started to prepare, I did combine steps to keep the dishwasher load down....

Since I am not a chocolate fan, I was worried. But, I bought a great bar of chocolate (so they say) and set to work....

No significant changes to the recipe, I did remove the Rum as called for. The batter looked runny, at least compared the description in the book. My batter NEVER looked 'curdled'. I think that is a good thing. Nobody likes to be coddled or curdled. I am diggin that Dorie uses grated lemon and fresh lemon juice in her recipes.

I was proud of the marbling.....and those pecans on top were yummy. I threw them on top at the last minute and squished them down as I did my marbling.
Not a clear shot, but the first steamy piece look wonderful...

Tasting Notes; perfect. the choc was not over powerful. probably could use some nanannaers that were more ripe but we loved it.

All dressed up with some fresh cream, choc shavings and more nananananannaanaers...

we ate it all. no big surprise.

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