Tuesday, August 12, 2008

TWD REWIND....and our anniversary - 07/07/08

This week's recipe for TWD was blueberry sour cream ice cream. How badly I wanted to make it but alas, no ice cream maker. It's on my wish list for later this year. However, I do have a recipe from Dorie's book for Perfect Party cake. Which came in very handy on our 1 year anniversary. Our cake was destroyed when the freezer at our old house I made our cake......

It's so cute....I followed the recipe and only omitted the coconut. Don't like it. Hubby exclaimed it was better than our wedding cake and the best cake I've ever made. (I THINK that is a compliment because he was eaten every OTHER cake I made).

It's two layers, instead of 4 as recipe calls for, with raspberry preserves in the filling. White cake, raspberry and vanilla butter cream just like our wedding cake. I made it in very small cake pans to make it look like a cake topper.

At the LAST minute, I had extra butter cream so I added clowns. I learned these in the Wilton class I took. I thought about making a bride and groom instead of clowns but that would required work and thought. Hubby had dinner on the table and I was ready to enjoy the night. I like the clowns. We laughed.

Of course, the boys/honorary ring bearers got a piece too since they missed the 'real' wedding cake. Don't they look so peaceful.....

....until you release them. They each had a plate but you never know who got the bigger piece so they share one plate at at time...

The boys also toasted was whining and barking but very sweet and emotional.

(Mom - there are your FAVORITE pink flip-flops! I had to break them out and pretend I was on the beach)

The cake and the evening of our 1st anniversary was great. It's so nice to be loved and love.
Love you 2,


  1. Congratulations on your first anniversary. What a lovely way to celebrate!

  2. I sure hope that is apple juice my grand dogs are

  3. I sure hope that is apple juice my grand dogs are


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