Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chippers and Ice Cream Drama from "a major appliance StorE thAt shall Remain nameleSs"

So....2 weeks ago. Hubby and I go to "a major appliance StorE thAt shall Remain nameleSs" to buy the ice cream maker attachment for the Kitchen Aid Mixer so I could make Dorie's Blueberry-Sour cream Ice Cream.

This store, "a major appliance StorE thAt shall Remain nameleSs", is about 30 mins from our house. We get home, and hubby opens the box and says to "come here, you have to see this"...inside is a used bowl, used coffee filter, a computer hard drive and someother C.R.A.P. So we pack up and head back to "a major appliance StorE thAt shall Remain nameleSs" .....

I stop at the counter where we had checked out the first time, Tools-Hardware-Mowers-Other Large Steel Things....tell the guy and he laughs, says "that sucks. Head to housewares and they can order a new one". WOW! I think this is gonna MUCH easier than I thought...Oh. No. It. Was. Not.

The "Trainee" in housewares did not find it funny. He called the "Head of Loss Prevention" done to the counter. After about 20 minutes of "Ma'am, I cannot return it unless it is merchandise". And, "well, SONNY, this IS the merchandise I bought HERE and why should I BE out money for a box of C.R.A.P. that YOU sold ME".... Here is the highlight, as I pack up my box of junk, he says he'll keep the box until his manager gets in on Monday. It's my C.R.A.P., I paid for it, I am keeping it. I made him write down the contents to share with his manager.

Then he asks if I'd like to order another one. humpf.

I left. Not happy. Mom, you know me and you know THAT attitude. I had THAT ATTITUDE.

The weird thing is, I really did understand that he didn't know that I didn't swap out the mixer and try to steal. I get that but, the first thing out of his mouth was "Ma'am, you stole this and I will not be swindled, I am not exchanging it."..OK NOT what he said exactly, but it is what he meant. Seriously, if I was gonna steal from "a major appliance StorE thAt shall Remain nameleSs", I would stop paying for my appliances. I am not that person.

This was a Saturday so I had to wait until Monday to speak to the manager. I call the manager and she says " No Problem. Bring it in, I'll replace it.".

And, she did. But now, I have to start my Christmas shopping over because I WAS getting YOU an ice cream maker box, from "a major appliance StorE thAt shall Remain nameleSs", filled with a used bowl, used coffee filter, a computer hard drive and some other fabulous prizes.

Do you think they say "NO" to the first request like that just to test you? If you actually DO come back, they replace it?

We have an ice cream maker. We made Dorie's Blueberry-Sour cream Ice Cream. LOVED IT. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. We love the ice cream maker too! The ice cream is so pretty and the empty bowl is so sad.......

The ice cream is actually from TWD for 2 weeks ago. This week is Chunky Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Chocolate Chipsters. This makes 60 COOKIES!! I read a few comments on the TWD Q&A post and decided to remove the chocolate (to make it dog and ME friendly),

The boys are the official spatula cleaners....I also added more peanut butter, added peanuts and added pecans.

The dough was chilled overnight and some people broke their scoops the next day making the cookies. I made them into logs, wrapped in wax paper. I froze one and baked the other the next day. I just sliced off a piece with a knife, rolled it and baked it.

I have no pictures of the cookies. They were that good.

Next time, I am combining these two items into an ice cream sandwich. This could happen tonight..I have the ingredients.....

Oh Wait, I HAVE CAKE CLASS TONIGHT!! YEAH. check back for pictures.

Love you,


  1. Oh HELL no! The same thing happened to me once at Wal-Mart. Way to fight the power! ;)

  2. Not-so-good service! Glad you persisted and got them to make it right.

    Love your taste testers! I'm not sure the chocolate chips added that much -- I kind of wish I'd gone with raisins and chopped peanuts instead.

  3. That's quite a story. I'm glad they finally did the right thing and gave you what you paid for. The customer is always right!

  4. mom here now. i can not believe what happened. i had to read it 3 times to soak it all in. i guess we all need to open boxes BEFORE we leave the store. yes, i do know your attitude, it is a saw dust justin fit, right? and i love that attitude because that is what makes you the wonderful daughter, woman, and wife that you are. i did not birth you that attitude you grew that yourself, all by yourself, and for that you are so wonderful and your parents are so proud.


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