Friday, August 29, 2008


It's a mixed review from to make it, hate to eat it. The hubby loved it. How do I know? I left for 3 days after I made this and when I got home, it was all gone...all evidence was gone, he even licked - I MEAN - washed the pan clean..

The Chocolate Banded Ice Cream, this was FUN to make. (see messiness above!) I loved making the ganache - even with the raw eggs but of course, I didn't like it. Too much chocolate for me.

However, I would make it again because it would be stunning to show guests that love chocolate. It is a little sweaty in the pic above - I had just removed the outer bowl. I used an angel food cake pan and it worked well.

Served with a little whipped cream and the hubby loved it. I ate the ice cream out of mine! It was yummy.
Check out more of these at TWD or check Amy's site for the recipe.
Love you momma!

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