Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall in our home...

calls for homemade Apple Pie on a cool afternoon.

Now that is a good looking pie!

Still no rolling pin - I used a tube of saran wrap this time. HA!

I used the same crust recipe from this post. It is so perfect.

The filling is 3lbs red apples from Washington, 1 c sugar, dash of cinnamon, dash of nutmeg, zest of one lemon, squirt of fresh lemon juice, and 2 tbsp fast cooking tapioca. It's an adaption of Dorie's recipe in Baking: from my home to yours. Again, I put of layer of crushed vanilla wafers under the filling. I brushed a mixture of egg white and heavy cream on the top crust and dusted with pearly sugar crystals. I tented it for the entire 65 minutes it baked - the crust was wonderful.

It made for a perfect fall afternoon treat, topped with vanilla bean ice cream.

Who knew I would like to make pies?

Love you,

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  1. Kath the pie looks so wonderful, but bless your heart, you work way too hard for a pie. I will look for you a rolling pin in the next year at the Big White House. Maybe some day we can bake a pie together and drink the port before we use the bottle to roll the crust. lvm


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