Monday, October 13, 2008

Dorie Deliciousness

I know, that is NOT a word.

This week's TWD recipe was Lenox Almond Biscotti. I, of course, had to tweek the recipe. I do not like almond extract. I know, I know. I didn't realize how picky I was until I started this TWD adventure.

Here are the biscotti before I baked them a second time. Essentially, biscotti are twice baked cookies.

I swapped out the almond extract and sliced almonds for 1/4 c caramels chopped up, 1/2 c milk choc chips and 1/4 c chopped almonds - basically, anything "left over" in my baking draw in small quantities that needed to be used up.

I had one with a cup of hot tea during a knitting break. It made for an indulgent and peaceful afternoon. Hubby finished the rest of them in 2 days with milk - he just thinks they are funny looking cookies.

I made one other change to the recipe - I baked these in 1 log instead of the 2 it calls for. I had to increase baking time by 10 mins each round but they turned our with much Deliciousness.

Love you,


  1. Wow - caramel?! I've gotta try that.

  2. The caramel sounds great in there!

  3. Ooh, caramel -- or toffee -- what a great idea! Glad you and your hubby enjoyed them.

  4. Wow caramel sounds like a great addition! This was my first time making biscotti so I didn't experiment. But I loved the recipe and will definitely make it again :)

  5. They sound fabulous with all of your mix-ins. Nice work!

  6. I think it is funny that you have learned you are picky since beginning TWD! Caramels and chocolate sound like great additions!

  7. maybe some pecans with the carmel and not chocolate..lvm


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