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Rugelach רוגעלך

Rugelach (Hebrew: רוגלך‎). (Other spellings: Rugulach, Rugalach, Rogelach, Rugalah, Rugala.) A Jewish pastry of Ashkenazic origin. The name is a Yiddish diminutive form of the Hebrew, רוגלית (roglìt), meaning "creeping vine," perhaps because of the rolled-up shape of the cookie.
It can be made with a
cream cheese dough, though the dough is more typically pareve (no dairy ingredients), so that it can be eaten with or after a meat meal and still be kosher. The different fillings can include raisins, walnuts, cinnamon, chocolate, marzipan, poppy seed, or apricot preserves which are rolled up inside.

You had me at "cream cheese dough".........

This is the TWD pick of the day. I had NEVER heard of this and I am pretty sure I have NEVER had it. Do you know what this is?

I finally conceded and bought a rolling pin. Am I an adult now? No picture needed, it's your standard Vermont Oak nude wood rolling pin. Now, where the HELL do I store this thing?

On to the recipe....this is the SOFTEST dough ever. Once you touch it, it's light and much different than any other dough I have rolled. I was in love.

When I had all the ingredients in the food processor - I pulsed for 6-8 times - I didn't have any "balls". None. I worried but kept pulsing. Then instantly...the dough came together and I stopped. Seriously, it went from blah to done quick-step-2-3-4.....

During research I read Dorie's blog about this recipe and she mentioned something about Goat Cheese...

You had me at "cream cheese dough" filled with "goat cheese"....

Do you like goat cheese?
I used my favoritist goat cheese - the dairy/creamier is in Hubby's home town. We are going for a tour over the Thanksgiving holiday. The dairy doesn't know that yet but I plan to sweet talk my way in....

My all-time fave is the Dill Fresh. I ran across Purple Haze today, tasted it and can't stop thinking about's fennel pollen and lavender..oh. my. gah. It wa used in the making of one of today's savory Rugelach.

There are some many of these cheese I must have...the Truffle Tremor..the Lamb Chopper..

I think the Humboldt Fog is the most available - I see it the most in grocery stores - if you see it, pick it up. It's worth it.

any whoooo.....

So many cheeses, so little time...

Here are the 3 kinds of inside goodness my RUGES this week...

1. Sweet: peanut butter, chocolate chips and toffee chips. - not too original but good.

2. Savory Pizza: Tomato paste, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh mozz cheese

3. Savory Goat: Purple Haze Goat Cheese, craisins, fresh spinach and canadian bacon.

good. all good. rolled up in various sizes and shapes...just because..



  1. wowie,totally new to me, was it good? like a dessert bar? sweet or not so? good job, lvmemm

  2. I love "you had me a cream cheese dough". So true! I love your savory ones. If I thought I would make these again I would try that, but these were a lot of work for me so it will be a while before I am up for it.

  3. Love it. And seriously, goat cheese? A-mazing.

  4. You, madame, are a genius. I bow before you. And I have to try those pizza rolls!

  5. Oh my gosh, you're so creative! You've got dinner and desert all from one recipe.

  6. Wow! I love how creative you got with the fillings!

  7. They do look great! I wish I could make them myself. Since I cant, I typically by Rugelach from My Mothers Delicacies -

    If you want a really traditional homemade recipe. They are def the place to check out.

    Thanks for sharing.


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