Saturday, November 1, 2008

We're celebrating a birthday....

Tug-a-licious turned 9 today.... he's getting a little gray and crabby, but we ALL are...

we had MORE 3-Bowl Pancakes. it rained ALL day so I let the boys go play in the water that has pooled in the back yard. They LOVED it. I even let them back in the house - muddy and wet - after all, we are celebrating a birthday (and the cleaning lady comese Monday morning - but, don't tell Tug.) They had another pancake for a snack and are taking naps in their crates....
Seriously, I am THAT person.
I am back to's beautiful, can't wait to show you the finished project.


  1. HAPPY BARK BARK BIRTHDAY TO Tug, did you get to syrup on your pancakes? Rez

  2. I'm a fellow TWD baker, and I was thinking that it would be nice if we all could chip in and get Laurie some small token/gift for all the work she does. Would you be willing to contribute? If I can get enough people, it would only be about $1 per person. No pressure :-) Let me know!


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