Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A White Out in California????

A Devil's Food White Out Cake, that is. It started simply....with cocoa and flour and sugar....It did NOT come together very pretty. Thankfully, the directions said it may look curdled. And, well, it did.

The frosting was scary. Adding a simple syrup with cream of tarter to stiff egg whites. I was very skeptical with the cream of tarter in this frosting.

It all looked so wonderful coming together. One Layer...

Two layers......

Three. I toasted the cake crumbs before adding them to the cake edges and top. I am glad I did. They were my favorite part.Of course, a little heart for my hubby on Valentines Day!

I WANTED to love this cake. It is beautiful as it proudly sits on the cover of Dorie's book. But, I didn't. Not a bit of love. The frosting was fun and dangerous to make but I hated the cream of tarter after-taste. ICK.

It really did look beautiful but all the work ended up with less than half eaten. I'd make a cake like this again but with a lighter cake and frosting without the cream of tarter. I think there are plenty of people that would love this, it's just not our taste.
Love you Mom.


  1. Love the heart!! Your cake looks amazing!

  2. I didn't have the aftertaste everyone seemed to have, maybe because it sat overnight before we ate it? Not sure. Love your heart though, too cute, we loved our cake. I think a chocolate ganache would have been really good instead of the marshmallow topping :)

  3. I hated that aftertaste as well!!! It almost ruined it for me, but I seriously loved the chocolate cake so I was able to look past the frosting! Love that heart!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like it! I agree about the aftertaste with the frosting. Your cake looks great though - love the heart!

  5. ditto on the frosting...yuck-o!

    the batter on the other hand was soooo good!

  6. how much cream of tartar did it call for? maybe a typo in the recipe. i used to make a frosting like this and it was fine. this is how you make grandma's divinity, also. lvmemom

  7. It's probably too late for you, but the frosting was much better the second day. We actually really liked after the overnight rest.

  8. Love the way you decorated it!

  9. I didn't have an aftertaste either. My mom used to use C of T all the time and so did I. Your cake looks great. The heart is cute.

  10. i remember it was called 7 minute icing. it was good the first day but became glazed over and crispy beyond that..lvrez


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