Sunday, April 19, 2009


I love Sunday afternoons! We cleaned the house this morning, then I spent hours in my craft working on projects and just having fun.
I borrowed three card design sketches from Lauren's Blog.

I love this sketch for a card!

Mom - like the colors? Looks like Hawkeyes' Color, I realized that AFTER I made the card.

Despite being non-Cyclone colors, I love it. It's on a clear base.

The stamps are from PTI's 2007 Limited Edition release. I love them. The swirl at the bottom is random stamp I have. I added some silver bling for more dimension.
I love the clean, crisp colors and design. I think the clear cardstock is a nice, classy look with black, gold and white.

Here's the next sketch.

No sentiment like the card asks, I made a set of 20 cards for Jessica as some personal stationary.

I really "shrunk" Lauren's sketch on these cards but it looks awfully cute!

This was so simple - some basic gray paper, a monogram stamper from JustRite stamps and a few paper punches. I put some glass beads on it for a simple but fun addition. Classy and fun. Each card is different since the striped pattern is not cool.

Last sketch I used, I REALLY took liberties with this one, as you will see. But, it was my inspiration!

I had a folder for my purse to hold address labels and stamps.

I used Basic Gray paper, stamps and chipboard for these. I love this look!

I am always digging around for my mailing supplies when I, I am filing them in one compartment. I used Lauren's sketch to pull together the front of this, I think it's super cute and funky.

It has four pockets on the inside, which is decorated too.

I really love these papers with the birds in my favorite colors of pink and green! This is made from one file folder and template can be found here.
Love you and miss you mum.


  1. These are fabulous cards. I really love the note cards where you shrunk the sketch to make it fit your needs.

  2. I love all of these! I, too, thought it was so clever to shrink the second sketch and use it in a different way. Great job!

  3. Fantastic cards, Kathleen! I love the idea of "shrinking" the sketch design: brilliant! YOUR animals are adorable, too, btw! :o)

  4. These are awesome Kathleen! Great job with the second sketch-great creativity!! :0)

  5. Very pretty! Great job on your cards for Lauren's challenge! You have such a unique outlook...I love it :O)

  6. I like your interpretation of the sketches. My favorite is the holder for your purse. Kudos to'd get destroyed in "my" purse. LOL! Thanks for stopping by my new blog, btw! :0)

  7. These are awesome, love what you did for the scetate card especially!


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