Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I proposed Marriage...

not to my Hubby but to Chef Dorie Greenspan.
For THIS recipe.
Really, I did. Here.

Look how yummy that is. It's not the traditional meringue on top... it's a fresh whip cream with sour cream - just a little - and it gives it a "W"O"W" Factor!
I am not a big fan of any pie. I loved the Blueberry Pie from Dorie last summer. But look at these layers of creamy custard with nutmeg and cinnamon and fresh, ripe bananas. w.o.w.
The topping is wonderful.
The custard was smooth and' looks heavy but was not - it was soft and cloud-like. (See why I want to marry Dorie - think how good it would be IF she made it instead of me!!)

Hubby had 2 BIG pieces right after assembly. I had...well, I had some. It was good for breakfast too - better the first day but still perfect the 2nd.

OK...enough of my new love story.

I hate to say but I'm gonna. I love pie. Good Pie. This Pie.

Love you too Mum!



  1. Haha glad you liked it so much! I enjoyed it too though perhaps not quite as much as you :)

  2. oh yummy. it looks like a state fair exhibit.lvmdz


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