Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tiramisu Tuesday..

Today's Tuesday with Dorie recipe is Tiramisu Cake. WOW! What a great idea....I loved this more than Tiramisu because I normally do not like the "squishy" lady fingers...the yellow cake in Dorie's recipe holds up much better.

The recipe is at My Baking Adventures by Megan and she picked the recipe for this week. Great pick.

When I make this again, I need to let more syrup soak into the cake and I think I'll make it a 3 or 4 layer cake. The marscarpone cheese, cream and sugar filling is delicious and holds the layers together well.

For the chocolate in the filling and on top on used Newman's Own Mocha Milk chocolate. It complimented the espresso frosting and a nice texture.

Again, Loving Dorie's Book!

Love you more Mom!



  1. I love that you made and oval-shaped cake, it looks really good!!

  2. Great job on your cake. It looks perfect!


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