Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We have a "garden".

I couldn't commit to a place yet - with a pending fence, patio and lots of other landscaping "plans". So, we have container garden and it's just perfect.

From Top to Bottom: Butternut Squash, Rosemary, Chocolate Mint, Sage, Cilantro, Cherry Tomatoes and paste tomatoes.
We love butternut squash and I hope cook then freeze some of it. We'll have to see how it grows in the containers, I expect the squash will eventually be on the ground, which is all good.

The chocolate mint cause I'd never heard of it and it smells wonderful - it also attracts the bugs. It's being eaten up along the squash, we have to get some pest control this week. I will dry the sage and use it this fall. We use a lot of cilantro and I know this will not go to waste.

We are gonna have tomatoes. I also plan to make tomato paste which I why I bought that one plant. The cherry tomatoes are just to eat because we like them.

One more BIG tomato plant! Plain ole' big summer tomatoes. He should produce fruit first and some of them will be salsa and some will be made into sauce. I couldn't find any basil plants so I started some seeds in my kitchen window. That never works for me but I'll give it one more try. How did you and Grandma ever start a whole garden from seeds in the window sill?

And, for show, two Day of the Dead marigolds. They bloom HUGE. Look at them here.

If they were blooming, they might keep the bugs away. I may go get some regular marigolds to help with that!

I still haven't planted them...soon, soon.

And, some ribbon in the air to keep away the birds and soon-to-be-gone stray neighbor chickens.

And, roses from my front the way, when are you coming to weed the rose garden?

love you mom.


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  1. roses, cali has the best roses. ia is so too cold. love your garden. lots of miracle grow, every week in a sprinkle can,mix as directed, feed at evening and sprinkle the leaves too. love that huge tomato, you fudged and bought a really big one, good for you, I would do it too. are you so ready for a really good tomato, ready and ripe on the vine. choco mint, not sure, but i am sure you will find a purpose for it..
    shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, little ole' lady from cali..............lvmm


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