Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Easy Peasey Granola Grabbers

This week for TWD the recipe is Granola Grabbers. I had everything on hand except the coconut which I RELUCTANTLY went to the store to get and added. Apparently the hubby likes coconut.

(this is the last of the Grabbers, it's my breakfast)

These were good. (yes, even with the coconut but between you and me, I only added 1/3 cup, not as much as the recipe calls for) I made bars instead of cookies. They were good.

(weird looking pan bottom that I just noticed, Huh?)

We ate them all. This is definitely something I will make again. Check out Michelle at Bad Girl Baker - she has the recipe.

Love you.


  1. Cookies for breakfast? Yes please! Sounds like they were a hit.

  2. Haha looks like they were much loved! Nice!

  3. Looks like these bars where a big hit in your house! Great job!

  4. I made bars, too. I loved the way they turned out. I've made them as cookies before and I really prefer them as bars. Glad you guys enjoyed them.

  5. Bars would have been great! Will have to try that next time.


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